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                            In  order  to  meet  the  demand  of  researching  socio-economic

                        situation in area, Hungyen Statistics Office has compiled and published
                        the  book  “Hungyen  Statistical  Yearbook  2020”.  The  book  reflects  the
                        dyramics and socio-economic situation in province through the annual

                        statistical  indicators  and  disaggregated  by  Provincial  Statistical
                        Indicator System which was issued under Circular No. 54/2016/QD-TTg
                        dated 19 December 2016 of the Prime Minister.

                            The  statistical  indicators  in  this  statistical  yearbook  are  collected,

                        calculated,  synthesized  by  the  method  of  the  current  regulations  of
                        Vietnam General Statistics Office. Some aggregate statistical indicators

                        have  been  adjusted  according  to  the  data  of  GSO  announced  to
                        provinces, cities.

                            During  compilation  process,  mistake  may  sometimes  be

                        unavoidable, especially in gathering information, processing data. While
                        use if there is anything missing, we sincerely looks forward to receiving
                        any  comments  and  ideas  from  readers  and  users  at  all  levels  and

                        branches in order to help Hungyen Statistics Office to improve the next

                            All  comments  should  be  sent  to  address:  Aggregate  Statistical
                        Department - Hungyen Statistics Office, No. 466 Nguyen Van Linh street -

                        Hungyen city or telephone number: 02213.863.914.

                                                             HUNGYEN STATISTICS OFFICE

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